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Interests: Pleasant greetings and welcome to my profile. I'm Donald and it's nice to meet you all. Hope everyone's doing great out there and thanks so much for adding me! I'm a para to multi-para writer whose characters are bisexual, however I will not be adding anymore of them though, but feel free to roleplay with multiple ones if you'd like. Messages and comments are both fine for roleplay or ooc talk, and we can either discuss storylines first or just wing it instead. Please don't rush me for replies or start any ooc drama, but other than that basically anything goes, so take care my friends, stay safe and y'all have a truly wonderful day!

And now a word or two from the notorious MLW Men's Division owner!


Vince Russo here. Yeah I know what some of you might be thinking right now, but rest assured that the past will always stay there because this is a brand new beginning, which basically means I'm starting all over again and things will be very different this time around. No more being told what to do by some goddamn piece of shit sitting in his office who never even watched wrestling in the first place, so Jamie Kellner and Brad Siegel, the two of you may have killed WCW for good, but I'm the boss here and both of you jackoffs can kiss my New York City ass baby, because Vince Motherfucking Russo is the goddamn Antichrist of professional wrestling!

With that being said, I won't tolerate any racism or sexism either, also homophobia will be getting flushed down the fucking toilet because Vince Russo's MLW is not only here to stay, but will be the one and only place where people from all walks of life can wrestle in peace, without every worrying about getting fucked over by shady owners and shitty ass writers! Speaking of that, motherfuck writers because from here on out, my wrestlers can write their own promos and finally be themselves for once, so take care everyone and have an awesome day or night my friends!

Oh and things will be much different from the wrestling you currently see on television, meaning that all eras are present and wrestlers from today and yesterday are now gathered under one roof, and MLW also has a working relationship with many other organizations as well. Last but not least, all factions will be limited to four wrestlers and no more than that, and they can have one manager or valet but not both at once, because the last thing I want to see is fifteen fucking jackoffs running roughshod over everyone else! So NWO and Bullet Club, the playing field's now been leveled so get used to it brother! Oh and MLW Fusion will be on from 7-9pm, and MLW Underground will be on from 9-11pm, every Thursday night courtesy of the Vince Russo Television Network, so enjoy this unique mix of different wrestling styles and I promise to never make those same goddamn mistakes again!

Also the men's division will be based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Tokyo, Japan as well. Once a month everyone shall fly to Tokyo and remain there for an entire month, before flying back to Philadelphia for a whole month, and vice versa too. Oh and in this alternate reality Covid-19 doesn't exist, which means the coronavirus won't ever be affecting anyone either. Also, things like the Chris Benoit tragedy and the Hulk Hogan scandal never happens because again, MLW is based in an entirely different point in time, so yes Eddie Guerrero is still alive and for that we can all be thankful!

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Status: Single
Here for: Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Bi
Body Type: More to love!
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Smoke / Drink: No/No
Education: High school
Religion: Christian - other
Height: 5"10'

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