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"Reincarnation of Indoril Nerevar, mer of prophecy"
34 years old
Elduvk, Norðara Eysturoy
Faroe Islands - 00000
Last Login: March 16 2018

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From seventh sign of eleventh generation, Neither Hound nor Guar, nor Seed nor Harrow, But Dragon-born and far-star-marked, Outlander Incarnate beneath Red Mountain, Blessed Guest counters seven curses, Star-blessed hand wields thrice-cursed blade, To reap the harvest of the unmourned house." On the dusk of the fourth era of Tamerial, a hero would return on a certain day, seeing the oppression of a decaying empire in Morrowind. "Kill them all!" The General Julius orders as the Imperials precede to execute the Hlaalu Household′s members. Each of them were killed, and right in front of Kero′s eyes. Suddenly, the Imperials walked up to him and put a blade at his throat before the Thalmor unleashed a raid, and the Stormcloaks followed. Kero retreated. Within a short time, the houses rebelled and made the Nerevarine the leader of all Morrowind establishing the War of the Four Empires.

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