Terms of Service
Mission statement: Fandomain.org is a social website designed for members of various fandoms to have a fun, safe place to post news, art, fan fiction, videos, as well engage in group discussions, roleplay, and social networking.

Fanfiction is a broadly defined fan labor term for stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator. Any Copyright disputes must be settled in a court of law and may not involve Fandomain. We are not to be held responsible for the interpretation of fans who use our site to express their creativity with their fandoms.

Mythical and history based character are allowed to exist on Fandomain in multiplicity if they are found on Google or Yahoo type search engines. They are not original characters. Only Original characters created by an individual writer are protected by us from being copied or duplicated.

Canon based characters such as Batman, Super Heroes, the Greek Pantheon, Norse Mythology, Movie characters, or any character that is pre-existing in any other source outside of the writer's originality, can exist in multiplicity on our site.

This includes : Names, Concepts, and Locations that are easily found in Google or Yahoo Search Engines, such as original creations of Steven King or any other published source or Media, and will Not be acknowledged by Us as a Copycat of other roleplayers. The annoying whining and complaining about something that you, yourselves did NOT originally create has got to Stop. If we can easily find it in Google Search and find it to be a Concept from an already existing Public Source, then all further argument is Null and Void.

To Sum it up : If it is Not Your Original Creation and is Not an original Kingdom Name or original Group, the Admins of Fandomain will Not be drawn into a dispute about Canon based Characters or Locations.

The only exception to the aforementioned rule is : No exact duplicate of another person's profile is allowed when two or more similar cannon profile exist. The profiles must be uniquely and originally designed and should not look exactly the same as the others, otherwise it will be considered a copycat profile.

Roleplayers Do Not own their default Playbys of Actresses, Actors, or Singers. Most can be Googled or Yahooed or otherwise Found on many Internet Media Sites, including Wikipedia and Browsers. Disclaimer: Fandomain and its Admins are Not to be held liable or responsible for anyone's childish Insecurity over someone else coincidentally using their same playby. We will Not be pulled into a senseless debate or pointless argument over it.

We are not an erotica roleplay site but we will not restrict it as taboo either. To have a profile on our site, you must have created a 'Named' character, whether that be a canon character from fanfiction, or your own original character creation. We will not monitor how your character interacts with other characters, as long as you comply with a no Ooc (out of character) cyber-bullying protocol.

Nudity: We allow nudity if it is not done in a manner that which becomes offensive to others. Subtle Nudity is allowed as the default Only if there is no clearly exposed Penis, Vagina or Nipples. Put a star on it. If you have to use your imagination, then it cannot be ruled as being offensive. We are Roleplay Site for Mature Audience. We recommend all explicitly nude pictures be put in a Private Album to avoid offending those who are oversensitive to that type of material.

Erotica: We prefer not to have profiles that are explicit erotica; such as obscenely named profiles denoting explicit sexual RP, or underage Rp. Profiles whose Only theme and purpose is sexual promiscuity will be flagged after 6 months of Inactivity and labeled a Dead Profile.

How you Roleplay your character is your own business and discretion, as long as it doesn't cause an excessive amount of Drama or Complaints.

We are a respectable Roleplay Site and will we take whatever measures are necessary to remain respectable. That is our right to do so.

We have extended our yearly clean up of inactive or dead profiles to 5 years. Currently all last login 2015-2016 profiles are being flagged for review and deletion. Last login 2017 profiles will be reviewed for deletion by 2021-2022.

We absolutely do not allow bestiality or animal sex. Violators will be deleted and banned from our site without a warning. The only exception to this rule applies to shapeshifter type characters such as werebeasts, demons or similar mythological creatures that have human form, as well as animal form.

Fandomain rules prohibit any and all harassment, bullying or drama from other sites to be carried over to ours. There will no exceptions to this rule. We promote fun and creative writing, and provide our roleplayers with a safe and drama-free environment. We will not allow other off-site drama to escalate here. Whatever drama happens on other Rp sites is not to be considered a Fandomain issue to be resolved by us. We reserve the right to delete any profiles bringing other site drama to our site.

This is not just about blacklisting. This also applies to stories that involve incest, sadomasochism, or any other taboo type genre. If within your own group, your personal stories are your own freedom of choice.
Likewise, you may dictate to your group who may or may not be Added, that's fine. Your group, your rules.
However, it is unacceptable to message someone who isn't even in your group, telling them who they should not add. That is not ok.
Be careful when involving those outside your group with taboo genre. It can be complained about. Our only rule on this is : do not involve those who are not in your group, with your group policies and politics.

Any profile that remains Faceless and Friendless over a period of 1 week will be deleted as inactive. Every 6 months, we do cycle through the last date of activity and flag those who have No Friends. If you wish to remain on our Site, please take the time and the effort to add some friends, or join a family group, and you will be safe from deletion. At the end of the year, all inactive profiles from the previous year will be reviewed, evaluated, and discussed among the Admins to the fate of that profile.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the actions of any of our users and all users agree to take legal responsibility for their own actions. By making a profile on this site you are agreeing that you will follow all laws and that you accept fandomain is not legally responsible for the actions of any of our users. Should we learn of any users engaged in unlawful activities on our site, their profiles will be deleted and they will be reported to the FBI.