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"Daughter of Etherus Darksoul. Extremely selective."
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Argyusta Corvin Proudblood Darksoul (RODS) TDG

05-23-2020 6:43:58

She could feel something was off. And could sense the pain she was also feeling. She gave it a few moments before she kicked down the door and looked around for her sister but could not find her. "Sis? Where are you? Shall I get father? Sis?" Argyusta continued into her sister's room, and suddenly stopped when she had seen this cocoon hanging from the ceiling and glowing some inside. Slowly she had walked to it admiring it. She placed her hand upon it and it sent her flying back as she landed on her ass. Growling she got up and walked back to it. Then placed her hand on it again, only to let the spark hit into her. She suddenly stood frozen for a second to see flashes of Sahara aging in there and quickly removed her hand coming back to consciousness.

Queen Shelby Corvin Proudbloud Darksoul (RODS) M-L Etherus

05-23-2020 5:35:10

Just before she could say anything, she saw she was at home one moment then in the mall the next. She heard what Sahara said and actually didn't know what to say. This was something she had never done before. She looked at her stepdaughter. "Do you think this is a good idea to just break in here Sahara? What do you think you're father would say if he knew?" Shelby realized she was being a mother to her at this moment, but she knew she was right. Never had she even stolen anything.

Argyusta Corvin Proudblood Darksoul (RODS) TDG

05-17-2020 4:24:43

Argyusta chuckled a little to herself watching Morris and Sahara. She took her plate and juice and smiled at her. "Thank you. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Except probably go with dad to see his sister. Thinking about that makes me a bit nervous as I haven't even met this family yet except you." Things got a bit quiet for a while until she heard what Sahara said and nodded to her. Her mother had left to, to go and see her son. Argyusta finished her breakfast as she left it there for Morris to clean up. After seeing what she saw, she knew not to mess with Morris. Another chuckle escaped her lips. She then headed up the staircase heading towards her room but stopped at Sahara's door. Argyusta knocked on the door lightly. "Sis?"

Queen Shelby Corvin Proudbloud Darksoul (RODS) M-L Etherus

05-17-2020 4:10:33

Shelby watched her, envied how she could do that. Only powers she has are superhuman hearing, superhuman strengths, superhuman speed, and agility. Her father's sided powers had yet to open. Which would never since she has no indication to ever see him again. She just didn't trust him. "Hmm how would you prefer to get there?"

Queen Shelby Corvin Proudbloud Darksoul (RODS) M-L Etherus

05-15-2020 1:24:35

She listened to her. And Shelby could remember her transformation. Her stepdaughter is a beautiful young woman. And she was proud to be her stepmother, and was glad they were getting along. A soft smile appeared on her face. "Shopping? Of course. I have to get my purse as it has my credit card in it. Yeah I know we can just use our powers. But, then that wouldn't be the fun in shopping. BUT..." She did snap her fingers as a soft silky robe appeared in her hand and she looked at Sahara. "Might need to put this on. No going shopping nude." She smirked a little.

Queen Shelby Corvin Proudbloud Darksoul (RODS) M-L Etherus

05-14-2020 4:45:08

Things have been a bit quiet. But she had came back for a bit from seeing her son. She only came quickly while she knew Etherus was gone to help his sister. And she didn't want to leave her son alone for to long. She saw Morris and smiled softly as she nodded when he spoke. Shelby knew of her transitioning. As it's what she went through when her vampire side had kicked in. And it didn't end well, but she was glad to have had Etherus there to see her through it. As the lights had all went out, and she too heard a loud thud like noise. Almost sounding like thunder, she could sense who it was. And she looked up the stairs as she saw her. Shelby saw how beautiful she looked. And seeing everyone hurrying in here, then seeing them leave. She heard Sahara as she looked at her. "Is everything alright dear? Are you feeling ok?"

Queen Shelby Corvin Proudbloud Darksoul (RODS) M-L Etherus

04-23-2020 3:23:23

Shelby hasn't seen Sahara since the last time they had first met. She had bought something for her daughters Argyusta and Etheria. And she happened to have found something that she thought looked more something she would like. She hoped Sahara would like it as she didn't know what she did like. And she remembered her saying that she was getting older soon. So she thought this would be a good gift. Keeping it inside the bag, she had walked inside the front castle and entered the kitchen. There stood Morris as she smiled.
"Hello Morris, I hope things are well with you today. I'd like to have a glass of blood wine please."
He nodded and tended to the drink as she set the bag on the counter. She wondered what Sahara was doing.

Queen Shelby Corvin Proudbloud Darksoul (RODS) M-L Etherus

04-17-2020 2:25:14

Shelby listened to the girl and smiled softly when she was finished. "Well, I would never hurt your father intentionally. There may be times we might argue. But never will I ever raise my voice. Or yell." She heard what she said about her aging as she understood that all to well. For she too grew fast when she was a kid. Same with her kids. She was surprised by the hug the child had given her and watched her walk away. As she was gone, Shelby decided to spend a little time with her daughters before doing some things for herself.

Queen Shelby Corvin Proudbloud Darksoul (RODS) M-L Etherus

03-26-2020 2:19:54

Shelby didn't know how to react to this very active child. Let alone how she had hugged her in a way her children did. But she did hugged her back. She was in silence for a while, and everything happening so fast as next thing she knows she was sitting down next to her, hearing all the things she had said. Her mind was kind of blown away. However there was something about this child but she couldn't pin point it right now. Hearing the question of her staying for good, she nodded her head. "Yes I am. I love your father as I always had. Nothing or no one is going to tear us apart again. Unless he decides other wise." She wasn't sure exactly what to tell her about herself. Other then the basic. If they form some kind of a bond, then later she would tell her more. She blushed a little though when she mentioned about her father being crazy about her. "Well I am sure he is. As I am of him. So you want to know about me huh?" She looked at her plate that had french toast on it. Shelby never had that before. But when she was a kid she used to eat a lot of pancakes. She smiled softly as she took the syrup and poured it onto the french toast and then taking a bite. Chewing it until she was done she looked at Sahara. "Well, my mother is Raven Bloodmyre. I do have an older sister name Felecia. Her and I are somewhat close. I am close to my mother as well. I don't have any brothers though. But I do have like, a grandmother name Alaina, two great aunts name Hayden and Lanaya, a great uncle name Roman. Oh and I have an actual uncle name Sebastien. With an i e n at the end. He's my mother's twin brother. And I also have a aunt name Kendra. And a great great aunt name Lena Luthor. My great grandfather's name is Lex Luthor. Not sure if you have ever heard about him. My father.... well... not sure about him as I've never met him." ooc: Decided to change who her father is. :)

Queen Shelby Corvin Proudbloud Darksoul (RODS) M-L Etherus

03-24-2020 2:38:17

Shelby had been staying with Etherus in this cave that he had and before they would leave to go below the palace, she wanted to check on her daughters as she knew both of them were there. Using her vampiric speed for the first time, she made it to the back of the kitchen door, and slowly opened it. There she had stopped in the door way seeing Morris in the kitchen and this young girl. She smiled softly as she slowly walked in closing the door. "I am sorry. I hope I am not interrupting anything. I was just about to look for my daughters, Argyusta and Etheria. Have any of you seen them?" When she spoke her voice was of Italian accent.

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