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115 years old
Fyffe, Alabama
United States - 0000
Last Login: March 19 2020

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Full name: Aektal (real name) | Elyssa Libitina Reiner (alias)

Nicknames: Elle, Eli, Ely
Gender: Female
Species: Ronirian (alien)
Date of birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown (physically in late 20's to 30's)
Place Of Birth: Alcor (star system)
Current Residence: Fyffe, Alabama
Occupation: Environmental Scientist
Education: Teachings from Oniria

Hair color: Platinum blonde (human form) | None (alien form)
Eye color: Hazel (human form) | Black (alien form)
Height: 5'3" / 160 cm (human form) | 6'9" / 205 cm (alien form)
Weight: 115.lbs / 52 kgs (human form) | 209.lbs / 94 kgs (alien form)
Ethnicity: Caucasian (human form)
Nationality: Ronirian
Complexion: Ivory (human form) | Grey (alien form)
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Scars/Birth marks: None

Languages known: Alien Language, English, Greek, Latin
Smoke/Drink/Drugs: None
Disorders: Unknown
Abilities | Powers: Photokinesis
Likes: Exploring | Vintage | Learning | Observing Humans | Books | Living in rural areas
Dislikes: Human Cruelty | Fear | Strong Black Coffee | Ice Storms | Being Pressured
Phobias: Unknown


The Ronirians are an advanced race of aliens from the Alcor star system, not much was known about the Ronirians except they were sometimes often mistaken for another alien species due to the similar physical appearance and seemingly the same goal in which they had an hand in many of alien abductions in some regions among Earth. Physically they were described tall ranging from six to seven inches tall with some human-like features (such as eyes, nose, lips) but are hairless with solid black eyes and dark grey colored skin.

Aektal is an Ronirian, an native from the Alcor star system within her home planet Oniria. She was the youngest daughter of Makkan and Aurra, and the youngest of several children and unlike her older brothers who went off to become her father's soldiers and generals Aektal grew an interest in the economic systems of other planets therefore taking up an apprenticeship underneath the Ronirian's scientist Lrysus despite no one really paid attention to her studies until she was older.

Eventually she was sent to Earth on an assignment to study the environment and the economic system within the planet and collect the samples in order to test the compatibility that hopefully would success in saving their own dying planet but upon being on Earth, Elyssa would later learn how to adjust to human life and end up on the government's target upon realizing her true identity.

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