Emma Temp'elar (FW: JkotoanT)

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"Adopted daughter of Kim Temp'elar "
20 years old
Chikushino, Fukuoka
Japan - C1
Last Login: March 30 2020

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The little battle in the big war: Introducing Emma (2020 Family Aniversary. "Get the emergency crews over to the town centre and take the rest of the soldiers with you" shouted Kim Temp'elar, King of Japan "I'll take the remaining troops to secure the shoreline. His loyal general Chun nodded and turned to Lord Chiyo gesturing that she was ready to follow his lead. The attack had not come from Dark Moon base above, the independent state that had declared war on Free World, but had instead come from within The Charred Lands of Kingdom Dragonia which was occupied by Zero Blackthorn and a large contingent of droid troops and ships. Swiftly Japan's forces had taken out all of the ships that had managed to escape the wrath of the Dragons from mainland Dragonia but Kim had insisted that he and a number of the Lords lead the march into the effected cities and towns to show the importance they placed on the lives of their people. Mounting his bike, Kim sped ahead to the shore where a number of ships had crashed. At other sites and locations Lord Darwin and even his sister Sarina-Lee were leading teams to help the effected. He wasn't about to let the people of Japan face another attack without seeing the people they put their trust in come to their aid. The rest of his soldiers, fine fighters men and women, followed in a jeep as the sped towards the shore. Screams and blaster fire reached Kim before the came into sight and an explosion behind him signalled the arrival of multiple drones either side. His troops were dead. He spun his bike lifting a wrist mounted blaster and continuing the arc on his bike shot energy bolts into the drones either side destroying them. Another blast however hit his wheel sending him flying off to the ground. He looked up watching a battle damaged droid approach him. His head dazed he looked behind it to see a number of families gathered in various shelters, upturned cars or bits of broken building. His arrival distracted the few remaining droids still in attack that now saw him as a more valuable target. He dragged himself up firing blasts at several of them before one shot he wrist destroying the device. He ran forward pulling free the handle of a Lightsaber and turning it on, used it to pierce one droid, turning to decapitate another before an explosion sent him flying. He crashed into a heap as the one remaining droid stamped towards him. The bodies of Japanese guards and shattered droids lay around with the people hiding. Except one. A young girl, Kim thought about fifteen from the looks of her had a look of defiance in her eyes and ran out. She grabbed a piece of steel and ran out smashing it into the back of the droid. Her fury and bravery stunned even the machine that turned seemingly trying to process the information. But it wouldn't get the chance. Kim took the split second distraction to grab a blaster from the floor and shoot it in the head. Three hours later "Sir all the families are being moved to secure housing until we can rebuild. They'll be cared for" Stated Vincent, a young man working for the royal family. "What if the little girl, the one that I pointed out to you when you got here" "Ah yes Sir. Emma. She is an orphan. Her family died long ago during the Blackthorn Town incident. She will be moved to a new orphanage until she is..." "No" Kim said firmly. "She will not. Her family died for mine and she nearly died for me. There is only one fitting way to atone such a debt". Kim walked over to her and took her hand "come Emma... Let's go home". Two weeks later The gathering at the Temp'elar Estate was a quiet one by the standards of the family. But Kim was glad. It made it far easier for Emma. Celebrating her sixteenth birthday had been a happy coincidence and an easy excuse for her to meet everyone. Sarina she had already met of course but Kim was glad to see her getting on so well with Lock, Luna and Charity. "I need your signature here Kim" Seven asked. Once he had it he rolled the deed up. "Thanks Kim, you did the right thing". Seven approached Emma who appeared a little intimidated. "Oh... Hello Sir". Seven handed her the papers with a smile. "My name is Seven". She opened the papers and saw it as a legal document. A change of name. "And from now on you can call me Great grandfather... Emma Temp'elar"

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Seven Temp"elar (FW:{BT}{KOC})

03-30-2020 1:17:31

Welcome to the family Emma. I hope you settle in comfortably.

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