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Background under co.
Legal Full name: Vakar [real name] | Vincent Reinhart [fake identity/human aliases]
Nicknames: Vak, Val
Gender: Male
Species: Krıvoan / Skal [alien]
Date of birth: Presumably around 139 BC
Age: 2,158 years of age [physically late twenties in human form]
Place Of Birth: Mor'vun [formerly]
Current Residence: Unknown

The Krıvoans Vakar's species, the Krıvoans are a sapient cephalopod-like reptilian humanoid species who often communicates with each other through an hive mind and are capable of inducing paralysis and fear in their victims and enemies with their true appearance and their gazes.

They were once believed to have been wiped out by the Sirians over a billion Earth years ago, until it was discovered recently that at least a few thousands of the Krıvoans had survived and often travel across one dimension to another as they were forced to flee their planet Mor'vun (now belonging to the Sirians), being led by Hvibus, one of the survivors of the attack.

The Krıvoans are humanoid in basic shape, same size of an average human (except for Hvibus who apparently had an humanoid shape but was described by Sirians and other aliens as an giant) with some physical traits of cephalopod and reptilian. Their skin varies shades of greenish color, for example some can be lime green and other the darkest green with glowing white-green colored eyes. They have no human-like features in their true forms but they do have adorning markings that gives off an bioluminescent glow if their abilities are active.

The Krıvoans were also known to be destructive, terrifying and overwhelming if they were gathered together within their own "hive mind" via merging and create powerful sounds through their vocal cords, as most other aliens describe their sounds so devastating that they could annihilate stars or destroy an planet - despite their destructive and fear-inducing nature the Krıvoans seem more docile and neutral. They even appear to have the ability of shapeshifting or perhaps an limited shapeshifting ability to "mimic" the appearance of any other humanoid being, a process that appeared to be physically painful for them as they take on another form.

Career Occupation: Drifter
Education: Teachings originated from Hvibus, his father

Physical Hair color: Black [in human form] | None [in true form]
Eye color: Yellow-Green [in both human form and true form]
Height: 6'4" (193 cm) [in human form] | 6'9" (205 cm) [in true form]
Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg) [in human form] | 168 lbs (76 kgs) [in true form]
Ethnicity: Caucasian (human form)
Nationality: Krıvoan
Complexion: Alabaster [in human form] | Sage [in true form]
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Scars/Birth marks: None

Traits Languages known: Krıvoan | English | German | Greek | Russian
Smoke/Drink/Drugs: None
Disorders: Unknown
Abilities | Powers: Soul Reading | Shapeshifting |

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