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We are a directory for people who are searching for good writers, but whats so special about us? The twist is that everyone on our page adds us with the full understanding that they do not want to discuss a story line. Do miss the simpler time who all you had to do was send out a starter? We at E.W.W will take in anyone and everyone.

Elite Writers World

Kingdom of Immortal Legends {KIL} is a re-build of a former RPG {Immortal Legends}that was run on Elite. After moving here in 2015 KIL has had many changes. We are a Greek Mythology kingdom taking in also Titan Mythology which is a vast part of who most Greek God & Goddesses are. One of the main goals of KIL are forming new ways that we see Greek Mythology in how we RP and how we are as a family. Majority of the writers have been with KIL since it started but having new blood always helps to get better RP storylines. We encourage all members to branch out and look outside of the box we are all here to write , meet new people and explore the world of role play. Kingdom of Immortal Legends is a great place to show your writing skills and be anyone from the past writing them as you want. Like they say “Its all Greek to me” …...Come by had have a look.

Kingdom of Immortal Legends
Athena_Goddess of War
Gaia {Mother Earth}

The Empire of True Horror (ETH) is build up on horror, bloodlust and dark themes. All kind of creatures are welcome to join the empire as long they are enjoying blood and pain. We are cruel but also enjoy fantasy and adventure stories. New realms will be build up from ghosts to wild humans. New created creatures and magician. Feel free to take a closer look and step into the darkness. We welcome you and hope to build up great stories between each other.

Empire of True Horror |ETH|
Empress Camari


Defenders of Zenon
Welcome to the world of Zenon, where high fantasy, gore, and dark themed group comes together, enjoy a relaxing convention among the other members or join a raid group to take down those who threaten to destroy the balance of our beloved realm, explore the many realms that links with the palace of Zenon. Create your own adventure with us, we will be happy to welcome you into our world.

For more information please contact:
Empress Shadow Eversong
Emperor Kuros Lightfellow


The Kingdoms of Atlantis TAK is loosely based on the Dark Hunter novels by Sherrilyn Kenyon, but we do accept characters outside of our genre. Our main Orcus family now has grownup children and married, with children of their own. We welcome all types of characters into any of our subfamilies, as well as their individual Kingdoms allied with us. Of course, we welcome all Dark Hunter characters as family.

We are a friendly group with everyone else. We are already allies with most groups here. You are free to Rp even outside of our group and mingle with anyone you desire to.

The enemies we have are mutually agreed upon, so there will be no Ooc conflicts. We already have a doctrine of war with the Siths of AOH and the antagonists of the HYDRA group stating that they may create Rp wars for us to fight. We actively participate in the Club Scarab fight club. We are, in fact, an Empire.

Atlantis home page
Emperor Misos
Empress Nyghtwolfe Orcus

Guardians of the Sacred Order GSO/TAK
The main concept is the Guardians of the Sacred Order are a group of warriors bound by a code of loyalty and honor. Though they welcome members of all races they are devoted in loyalty to the realm of their founding. They are keepers of the peace and uphold the natural order above all else.

Guardians of the Sacred Order
Khrysaor - The Eternal Guardian
Lady Maia Bunyan - Druid Warrior

The Realm of Mytikas (ROM) is a modern day Greek group, crossover with Roman pantheon. Every Greek god/goddess has a Roman equivalent. We acknowledge that they are the same deity by different names. We are a small group but we’re also relaxed and friendly, allowing those who join us also belong to other groups. If you are a Greek or Roman god/goddess, come join us!

Realm of Mytikas Home page
Minerva / Athena

Myspace HTML Codes & Layout Generators
Myspace Layouts


HYDRA is a world-wide subversive organization dedicated to global domination. We specialize in espionage and weapons manufacturing, chemical warfare. We have secret laboratories all over the known world. We require only that your character be cruel hearted and evil-minded.

Hydra home page
Madam Viper

Kaiju World Wars is a monster mash. We accept all kinds of monster profiles. So far, we are a very small group. But we would surely welcome more!

Kaiju World Wars
King Ghidorah

Age of Heroes AOH is based on Marvel Comics heroes and villains.
We do accept characters from other galaxies also. We segregate our group as such: AoH Gotham, AoH X-Men, and AoH Star Wars.
If you’re a hero or a villain, we’re the right group for you.

Age of Heroes Kingdom page
Wolverine *AoH X-men*
The Joker *AoH Gotham*
Dark Lord Naga Sadow *AoH Star Wars*


Society of the Forgotten is a place that the doors are open to all creatures of the night and day. Either it be Vampires, Wolves, Gypsies, Witches and Warlocks, all types of humans supernatural this home is a safe haven for when you feel you can′t find a place where to go the doors of Society of the Forgotten will be there. Many of us want to be part of something but maybe a kingdom or realm is not for you. Society of the Forgotten is not a RPG no real ruler except the owner of the manor Dr. Don Miguel Santos here all creatures get along and co exist we all try to help one another maybe with roles, SL′s , RP questions and ideas. Of course there are some guide lines but without rules there is chaos but that is to insure that Society of the Forgotten runs smoothly. SOTF is a something anyone can be part of just show respect and respect will be given in return. Go through our list of members find connections, Stories, family ...No one needs to be alone.

Dr Don Miguel Santos {Owner of Society of the Forgotten}[SOTF]
Catalina Azalea Santos (Devoted Wife) [SOTF]

Twisted Disney Obsessions(TDO) was established in mid 2011 by the owner and creator, Alice The Insane Beauty. It is a Disney based RPG which allows all cannon Disney characters even if they were killed off in the stories, shows, games, etc.. We also allow Descendants, Once Upon a Time, Star Wars, Original Characters, and anything else that is Disney owned, related including The Brothers Grimm versions. All characters within TDO have been inflicted by at least one small obsessions but some have have been inflicted with multiple obsessions. The obsessions range from small to large scale and impact the characters differently. Each writer is free to choose their own obsessions for their character. When you join you will get a custom photoshop edited display name picture as well as a default picture. Our owner is also willing to help in choosing a playby, obsessions, nicknames, with layouts, and pretty much anything else you may need help with. If you enjoy Disney and groups with a twist, can write at least para, and having fun then this may be a good group for you.

Twisted Disney Obsessions(TDO)


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Video created by Amora {Yggdrasil Kingdom}
Fandomain Kingdom Directory

Club Scarab is a RP combat club that allows writers to have rp fights in stats, messages etc that can be posted later. These fights are predetermined so as to avoid any drama. It′s about telling a story not trying to prove who is best!

Club scarab is open to writers and fighters from all kingdoms as long as any and all drama of any kind is checked at the door (very genuine zero tolerance).

Club scarab has been in operation for three and half years and while it has very clear rules and some limitations (eg no more than one of any character or type of group) we can usually help you to find a way to take part. Anyone interested please search for club scarab and ask.

Club Scarab is its own entity standing alone as an option for all kingdoms and role play groups willing to follow the rules and commit to drama free combat. With its success expanding its reputation, it is now the most dominant and successful combat group in role play.
Anubis Osiris, Ruler of Club Scarab

Club Scarab

KOED mission statement
Kingdom of Erotic Desires is dedicated to providing a place for all beings to find a place when they have none to go to. We will strive to implement a long term relationship with our members, based on providing for all their needs and their desires to strive further in this kingdom and beyond. To help fulfill this mission, we will treat all members fairly and involve them in the quality improvement process to ensure responsiveness and have an equal say within the kingdom on issues.

Queen Desdemona Lust

You love books? You are intrigued by magic and technology? You are searching for open minded, friendly, twisted, funny, dark and light individuals who live in respect and common interest?
Lyonesse might be the place for you - may you be an aspiring librarian, elder or simply a lover of lore. Lyonesse is a realm of KOED, ruled by Desdemona Lust. Please come to my door, ask me what you like. I am Elpis, daughter if Desdemona, The Librarian, head of the order of Elders on Lyonesse. Please message me, the Lyonesse page or Desdemona if you want to know more.

Elpis Riddick-Lust

Where there is light there is darkness, where there is laughter there are tears. Hy-Brasil, the Blessed Isle, is part of the KOED kingdom - ruled by Michael and Galatea Lust.
Light and dark, water and fire - contrasts meet here and create a safe haven for anyone who seeks it.
You are interested in just finding recreation or add to the wealth, beauty and diversity of the Blessed Isle?
Then please contact us and ask for permission to find a save passage through the mist that hides this island. Welcome stranger!

Michael Lust
Galatea Lust

In the Realm of the Fae, there is an overall count of Seven Kingdoms. The Center is the Capitol City. It is a neutral city, and the only City that experiences both day and Night. There is no sun, moon, or stars in the realm of the fae. There is only light and dark.

The rest of the lands are separated between light and Dark. The inner lands surrounding the Capitol are separated even further into the Elemental Kingdoms. The outerlands are considered wastelands and ruled by savages. These are the Light, and Dark Kingdoms. The fae residing in the light are considered Seelie, and the Fae in the Dark are Unseelie.

Each land has a Portal into the human World Called a Torthta. Each Torthta has a Gwadher to Guard over it. The Vakha has 2 people below them. Both assist the Vakha when needed in any way needed. Please Message the RPG page if you have any Further Questions.

Sidhe are the Ruling fae, but all types are welcome. Pixies in this realm do not resemble the flying glittery bugs most know here. They are closer to flying piranha. Our fae are not tiny, we do not fly around, and fairy dust is what is left of dead fairies. Never call a Sidhe a Pixie, it is equal to calling a vampire a mosquito and the fastest way to getting yourself gutted.

The Fae Realm
Ba′al Topliss (King of Fyre)
Shee Hellkite-Topliss (Queen of Fyre)

The Sisterhood of Steel
Androia is set between Southgard Midgard and Asgard. It is well known for its steel and armor, the swords made by Androian masters are the most highly prized in all the worlds. Androia is also known for its purity of gold refining. We have he largest standing army in the four lands numbering five hundred thousand Knights and twenty thousand heavy horse. The people of my land are very proud warriors and take pride in their Queen. Any one of our Knights would gladly give his or her life at but a word from the queen. There are five main cities in Androia all surrounded by large walls and gates so well built that it they have never been breached. Androia has never lost a war. If you wish to be our Allies than deal with us fairly if you wish to be our foes we can accommodate you. Welcome to Androia, our land, our home, our love. This is a message from the chamberlain Anika thank you

The Sisterhood of Steel
Empress Nyghtwolfe Orcus

What is a Grimm? A Grimm is a being that can see Mythological creatures, and other Supernatural Beings.
What is a Grimm Bastard? A human with a special gift for seeing the Supernatural, with no form of Immortality or mythological heritage tied to them.

We are a group that enjoys the Supernatural styling of role play. It can range anywhere from the Zombie apocalypse to vampires, to demons. If you become a member, you become an elite hunter to a society that has been around since the 1800′s′. A proud Brotherhood of warriors, dedicated to one task.. To maintain the order and balance between the world of the living and the world of the dead. We serve as speakers for the dead, and commune as ambassadors for the living. We travel between worlds to maintain the order of peace. Peace always comes with a price, and sometimes our efforts get bloody. We do not fear death, we embrace it. We are forged warriors from the Holy Order of the Vatican, and have carried on the tradition of keeping the peace for decades. We live, and die by the code that all men and beasts are created equal.

This will be an open page, so other groups and role players with similar backgrounds to their mythos can enjoy a drama free group and just have some solid role play with some decent writers. Those who wish to join, may feel free to do so.. But, once you become a Bastard, it′s a lifetime membership.. honored by blood and sacrifice... A hard road lies ahead for our fellow members, but we as a society will always be there to protect one another.

The Grimm Bastards™ Homepage
~Group Leader~Travis Walker

The Prophets of Conquest is comprised of a collective group of several planets travelable through the Stargate of Atlantis. This would also include the Daleks of Skaro, and the Borg species of the Delta Quadrant. This diverse coalition of species had likewise attracted the kratocratic Order of the Sith to join or aid their campaign of universal dominance. The Prophets of Conquest would rival the Alliance of Four Great Races, an intergalactic alliance of the most advanced races known at that time: the Alterans, the Asgard, the Furlings, and the Nox.

Each of these species had constructed a potential caretaker species to continue their legacy in succession. The Ancients created the humans while the Furlings created the Goa′uld. The Asgard creation, called "Solacris", spectacularly backfired, eventually resulting in the decline of the original Alliance.

The Prophets of Conquest would succeed where the Alliance of Four Great Races failed. They would target and seek out cybernetic life forms to join their budding alliance and abstain from the biological species. The Sith would be tolerated as they were not a species in themselves but more a way of life; such as a cult of diverse species. Their leader would become Darth Traynah, a Sith Empress of mixed genetics.

Prophets of Conquest
Darth Traynah
Dalek Emperor

Want to explore lands? Like Science Fiction? Want to have fun, gaining enlightenment and building up an empire? Well, Altabin Empire is for you. Bensalem is a scientific utopia which has its main lands off the coast of Peru, and colonies all about the world,but mostly in South America. We wish to help you improve yourself as a writer and explore new possible storylines you never have experienced before . Join the AE, Altabin Empire.

AE: Salomon′s House: Altabin Empire RP
Altabin III of Bensalem [t] AE

TDG is a Multiverse realm. Dragons , God and Goddess own posses their own kingdom. TDG in history was a war where many universe entwined through a spell that went wrong and now all realms are open. All door lead to a different universe and time line. None can go through unless a special stone is given by the Destiny, a Female clone of Cain . Some kingdoms are Decaying because of the war and sickness of some unknown plague. that soon of later it will affect everyone in the multiverse. Some few powerful gods run the Multiverse to keep the illness from spreading since it can kill even gods.

The Dark Garden ( TDG Main page )
Cain Romanicus *The Dark Father* (TDG) (TAK)*

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