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115 years old
Nazareth, Ost-Flandern
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To my Roleplaying family from the Myspace days, lets bow our heads and take a moment to remember Amanda Hunter who played and wrote for the character, Mythiril the fire princess. Amanda was young in age, but advance in wisdom. She had a way of making all of us smile with her style of writing

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Princess Haley Orcus T&L Carlisle -Tak-

08-09-2017 3:14:54

Morning momma Have a question Who is our allies

Autokrator Fabian I Hapsburg Von Mecklenburg THE

07-27-2017 2:25:08

*Autoplays the shit out of you like a boss* lol I hope all is well. Its been a while since we last spoke.

Empress Solona "Silver" Hunters Mayella (RED)-Realm of Eternal Death

06-23-2017 8:26:53

Ooc, sounds great my dear. Take your time and get settled and relaxed and we can catch up

Empress Solona "Silver" Hunters Mayella (RED)-Realm of Eternal Death

06-21-2017 8:21:11

Tis been a long time, M′Lady. Its a wonderful pleasure seeing you once again. smiles bowing courtly

Princess Haley Orcus T&L Carlisle -Tak-

05-28-2017 8:43:34

It was a early morning on Saturday,Haley had just woken up from her sleep,haley yawned and sat up on her bed and rubs her eyes and yawns again, Haley got out of the bed and walks towards he window and opens the blinds and window smiles softly,haley then walks to her closet to pick her outfit for the day. Haley need to wear something elegant for the day just in case she went out or so. Hlaey new there was alot of changes for her since they made her a high priestess,there were alot of rules and expections from her,haley was strong enough to take the role of high priestess,but haley didnt want to disappoint her parents, so haley had ideas for the kingdom but wanst to sure how to explain to her parents.once haley sat her clothes out and ready for the day,haley walked to the bathroom and close the dor behind her and turns on the water and gets in and starts to shower. after haley shower she got out an and got dressed haley did her hair and make up,haley made her way to the bedroom door and opens it and starts to walks out and passed the servants as she passed them she greets them-morning-she walked to the stairs.once haley got stairs she made her way down the stairs as soon she got to bottom she smiled and looks around for abit. haley made her way to the dining room as soon she enterened she saw her parents and walks in and bows-morning father and mother-haley smiled and made her way to her chair and pulled the chair out and so she can sit,haley sat across from her parents. haley has notice that she was starting to show,there was no hiding her pregnency anymore haley waited for bulter to serve her meal. haley waited and started to think and wanted to her see how she was gonna start her plans but first she must have a word with her parents about adding few touches to the kingdom.haley new hwe parents where easy talk about things but didnt now how to start the conversation with them

Kira Orcus|TAK|ROD|

05-15-2017 12:49:20

"I can′t wait for the twins to be born so they can meet you, momma."

Queen of Fyre and Earth ~Hiril Noir De Rosies~ Shee Hellkite-Topliss ~TFR - BvL ((Main Page))

03-18-2017 10:38:15

Told you I was thinking of you!

02-16-2017 8:00:32

02-14-2017 3:28:07

Hope you like it.

Arethusa Fresh Water Nymph||FW-Everlasting Deities||{KOED-HyB-LY} (M)

12-31-2016 5:06:40

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