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Westport, California
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Anita is a young woman who lives in St. Louis. Her night job, and primary source of income, is the legal profession of re-animating the dead. As an animator, her job entails using magical abilities to bring temporary life to dead bodies as zombies in order to e.g. question them for legal purposes. She isn't just a run-of-the-mill animator, though, as she is powerful enough to become a necromancer. This allows her deeper and wider control over the dead, including to some extent even vampires and zombies raised by other people.

Unlike most animators, Anita is also held in retainer as a preternatural consultant for the Regional Preternatural Investigation Taskforce, which handles crimes involving magic, vampires, lycanthropes, and other preternatural creatures. She is also a licensed vampire hunter/executioner in her own right, which sometimes gives her a wider range of possibilities than the police have on their disposal. Later Anita gets empowered as a Federal Marshal, which broadens the range of her responsibilities, but also makes her job easier in many ways.

Killing a vampire is a murder, but there are legal exceptions. As a jail couldn't hold a vampire, breaking the law means a warrant of execution for that vampire and any accomplices, human and vampire alike. The warrant doesn't necessarily specify which vampire is the culprit either, making the vampire hunter the sole judge, jury, and executioner for those involved. For some people the vampire hunter license largely means morgue stakings after the rogue vampire has already been caught and restrained, but Anita is one of the good ones who do their own tracking down and killing in the field. This earned her early on a nickname among the vampires: The Executioner.

A strong protagonist in the series, Anita is very direct and rude, and yet highly competent in the professions she is involved in. She is trained in judo and kenpo, and knows how to use several weapons, including blades, but is most efficient with guns. As the series begins, the Browning Hi-Power is her carry gun of choice, though later in the series she switches to the Browning BDM.

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